Grid​-​Harp & Threshold Ascendancy

by Verb



ABOUT: Two of my most popular and hated tracks. Seems to depend on alot of factors. But they are both very unique in their mood and style. and Speed...


released October 15, 2012

Creds and shouts to all my friends!



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Verb Sweden

manifest into body 1983, went out of his mind 1999, found his mind again 2000somethingsomething. This page contains recordings passed through the vibratory mind/body/spirit complex "Verb" during this time. Tracks are in a state of as is.

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Track Name: Threshold Ascendancy
and the lyrics! (not really lyrics but still.... might be hard to follow if you don't understand the words)

-Come to my quarters tomorrow at three.
-I can't.
-It's immoral.
-So who is to say what is moral?
-Morality is subjective.
-Subjectivity is objective.
-Moral notions imply attributes to substances which exist only in relational duality.
-Not as an essential extension, of ontological existence.
-Can we not talk about sex so much?!!
-Terribly sorry!
-You better go.
-Sonia please!
-Sonia darling!

[short applause]